Little Gifts... Big Meaning
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Missing the Perfect Gift?

We know how you feel. That's why we created Missing Pieces™ - unique, fully customisable glass tiles with hand painted verses and inspirational messages. Our trademarked puzzle piece tiles and glass lamps allow you to decorate your home with cherished memories and promises.

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It's is a universal symbol of friendship, camaraderie and good times. Relationships have been forged and great ideas & businesses have been born, you guessed it, over "a cup of coffee". Out of a love of everything coffee came a desire to create... a search to see what pretty thing could come from this drink that we love so much. So Bru Drops were born - beads and charms handmade from upcycled Jamaican coffee grounds, as rich and dark as the coffee that made them! We then surrounded them with splashes of colour and meaning to make each unique piece extra special. Red for courage or passion, blue for serenity or faith ... wear your Colour Coded Bru Drops to Colour You Mood all day! Add a secret message in Morse Code so you'll always remember.

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